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Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules

Buy Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules Online

Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules


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Dark Borneo Kratom Extract

The connoisseur’s choice, Red Maeng Da (or “Pimp Grade”) Thai has long been considered the best kratom available. We’ve taken our wildly popular red vein powder and encapsulated to make it more convenient. If you’re looking for a top notch product with a complex alkaloid profile, this one boasts an average verified mitragynine content of 2.1%. Every 00-sized vegetable capsule contains approximately 750mg of plant material with 50 capsules equalling around 37 grams of Maeng Da Thai powder.

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a botanical that grows in the lush, humid forests of Southeast Asia, particularly on the islands of Indonesia. Consumed for hundreds or thousands of years by native cultures, kratom has recently become very popular in the United States where it’s available in crushed leaf, powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, and extract forms.

iboga seeds

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