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Red Crystal Extract

Buy Red Crystal Extract Online

Red Crystal Extract

4.00 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)


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Provides the purest and strongest forms of Kratom extracts. Our farmers who used to gather those Kratom leaves from the multiple regions of Indonesia. As we cut from fresh Kratom leaves, even at smaller doses, our Kratom Extracts possess much potency. The extraction process is simple and yet effective. We have given more care while extracting the most potent alkaloid and as a result, the potency of our Red Crystal Extract is yet to compete. This reason makes it be the first choice of our customers.

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Red Crystal Extract

Atlantis Truffles

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1 oz, 250g

8 reviews for Red Crystal Extract

  1. Regina

    I discovered Kratom a year ago and from then on I have been using only the products from Kaybotanicals for the great quality. However when they brought in extracts, I didn’t know how it would work. But the customer service staffs explained my every bit about it and suggested this one for my neck pain and mood enhancement. Life has been great from then on. I can count on Kaybotanicals any day.

  2. jullie

    My favorite guys keep surprising me every now and then. Just great

  3. florence

    One of the strongest strains you will ever come across. It is just amazing

  4. divine

    Not that impressed but definitely worth a try

  5. Audrey

    This is going to be the one that can give you the much celebrated effects but remains cost effective at the same time. I don’t really prefer powders. It costs me a bomb with the rotation every single month.

  6. Lamkin

    Not really a great fan of the extracts. I was all okay with the powder thing at Kaybotanicals. But just wanted to try something out. I have tried most of the extracts here and I find this one to have a great compatibility with my body. But again, the service is great from Kaybotanicals, no matter what ever strains you choose. They just make sure you feel satisfied at the end of the day.

  7. Tom

    I am a big enthusiast of extracts. I have been checking out the extracts of certain vendors and I understand that it is not that easy to come up with these potent forms. The production of Great Extracts is a separate art by itself. With the introduction of the Platinum Kay extract, I was all the more excited and had been wanting to try it for a long time. And I finally did it. I am really excited from where to start with. Great effects that is extremely potent. Also, it keeps ringing the bell for a long time. So my marks for this exotic extract would be 4.5/5. It is indeed a bit pricey, but then the good things in life always come up with a price tag.

  8. serrie

    Switching to extracts permanently due to this product

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